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Human Sexuality; that would be Homosexuality

Human Sexuality; that would be Homosexuality (Attraction to the same-sex), Heterosexuality (Attraction to the Opposite-Sex) and Bisexuality (Attraction to Both Genders) has been proven to be inborn. This was done in a case study of Identical Twins, when both twins where born and one happened to be gay the other twin had a seventy percent chance of also being gay. Proving that Human Sexuality deals with Hormones in the womb, pre-birth. Usually Attraction becomes more apparent well going through puberty because hormones are raging through the body, there is a phase called Bi-Curious which is caused by this hormonal imbalance during Teenage years which can end up being Fully Homosexual, Fully Bisexual or Fully Heterosexual.


The thing about science is whether you believe in it or not; it's true!
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