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But he is still filthy and full of dirt I

But he is still filthy and full of dirt I can't imagine how they poor people know how to make love and romance , when I see them kiss I just feel disgusted, they think they're rich and they can love and kiss. Poor people like them do not have any right to love kiss or even have babies They never got into fights and he keeps on taking her out and telling her sweet things(today he took her out and she was really happy and excited and she was really cute ,she was wearing a dress which looks very cheap and i think she got it from a garbage as she is poor and I bet he took her to the public park because thats what he can afford lol) and sometimes I humiliate him in front of her by mocking at his clothes which are cheap (I doubt he bought them from a thrift shop) and shout at him ( infront of her) although he can't answer back because he is just a filthy worker but he doesn't care !! How can I humiliate him ? Shall I fire him ? Shall I try to touch her in front of him ?
They are not allowed to have sex often because they are staying at the other side of the house which is for maids and workers!
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