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A person can realize they're gay or bi

A person can realize they're gay or bi - or whatever - at any point. I figured it out in my mid-20's (probably because I was a teen in the 70's, and nobody in my hyper-religious family ever talked about being gay.) Most people even today are raised with the expectation that they are heterosexual, and not everyone realizes, right away, that they aren't.

I have a friend who didn't figure it out until she was 60.

Your friend is very young and does not know as much about life as she wants to think she does.
A lot of people realize they are 'different' from an early age, but don't have a name for it. That was the case with me. I always had an affinity for males. That turned into sexual attraction when I hit puberty and the hormones started raging. And a lot of people try and suppress it or deny it until it becomes a psychological imperative to be who you really are. For most, that happens in their teens or earlier, but for some it doesn't happen until much later.
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