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Hello , I'm David a 20 year old guy

Hello , I'm David a 20 year old guy. I'm extremely rich and I live with a really big family, I have what ever I want whenever I want. Our house is full of maids and suites which I really think are an embarrassment for our family, and there is that one particular girl which I really think is hot, she is American as I am and really cute. She is 20 yrs old, she is extremely beautiful (green eyes, light brown hair,great smile , she is slim and tall), I really want to **** her! Everything about her is cute, the way she cleans, the way she dress, the way she walks and the way she laughs. I sometimes try to flirt with her, I wait for her to serve me. But the problem is that she is married to that trashy dude which also works for us as a gardener (he washes cars too) he is 21 years old and he doesn't look bad (green eyes, blond hair, and a 6 pack body) I'm not gay but I'm saying that tHey both look good and they truly love each other . Sometimes I see them cuddle and kiss, she keeps on smiling when she is around him, he stares at her in a way that I sometimes wanna kill him,I stand them being together alone inside their tiny room so I make him clean all the cars twice at night so that he stays as much time possible away from her, This is the only time they stay together (at night) and do whatever they want in private but I'm keeping him away from her, and when they kiss or cuddle while working I shout at them and tell them to go to work. I want to have sex with her,I think she has a very great body for sex and would make me go wild ******* her, I can't stand watching them together. Is there any way I can have her and make her leave that poor little dirty guy and stay with me the rich clean guy which works an honest job not like him a ******* gardener!! Please any advice
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